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What brought us so far? Browse through our wide range of services & know about the basics of waterproofing.

If you're building the house of your dreams, Star Leak Solution will help you install pre-supplied waterproofing systems in the basement or ground below your settlement beforehand to avoid future leakage fiascos. We also help restore buildings affected by rain/groundwater and restore them back to their original glory. After we are done with renovating your living space, it is guaranteed to be waterproof from terrace to the basement.

Terrace Water Proofing Service

Star Leak Solutions waterproofs your terrace for a long-term precautionary sustenance. We turn your roof into a non-leaking one, irrespective of its previous condition & we operate on both new and old, damaged terraces. Being exposed to the harsh climate year long, your roof is subjected to more wear and tear. Hence we go an extra mile to help secure your terrace from the mess of leakage. Keeping the client’s interests in mind, Star Leak Solution provides waterproofing packages that suit your budget the most. We can use Bat Brick Coba to mend the gaps between concrete and drain pipes or amend the inaccurate leveling of the roof. Or you can opt for Chemical Proofing with acrylic & rubberized waterproof coating features.


We offer both internal and external layer waterproofing for water tanks of all sizes. This is done with fine mortar layering by adept professionals highly trained to carry out the task after extensive cleaning of the tank. Successive coats of primer and elastomeric waterproofing liquid are applied thereon to seal the tank effectively of any leakage.


Highly efficient Star Leak employees ensure minimum breakage of the surface throughout the leak-proofing process. Experts track the source of the leakage in record time and carry out the solution in a reasonable duration. Your bathroom will be Star Leak insured thereafter. To waterproof the entire floor we carry out the techniques of BBC(Bat Brick Coba) & Chemical Proofing respectively.

External Walls, Creaks & Interior Building Waterproofing

We are dedicated to deliver you satisfying end results, and we work hard for it. Buildings are threatened by leakages & seepages due to uneven foundation lines of the neighboring structures. Our buildings & wall waterproofing solution seals even unreachable cracks to block every possible entrance of moisture. And we do that without tampering with the existing paint. We use high-quality elastomeric paints and polymers and with the successive application of sealer treatments compatible with the plastered wall surface, giving you the most desirable results in the field of waterproofing.


We waterproof newly constructed and existing pools in need of repair. We take special care to seal every nook and cranny of pools of any existing shape so that the water from the pool doesn't seep through the side surfaces & below. The finishing layer of the pool is slip-resistant & eye-pleasing. This is done in negotiable and reasonable packages, that help us maintain a cordial relationship with every client that chooses to work with us in the long run.

Expansion Joint Treatment

The building surface, especially the area of amalgamation commonly found between the placement of two slabs or structures, are highly prone to molecular expansion due to thermal factors or simply by the agents of denudations. in some case, cracks appear as a post-effect of natural disasters. We provide solutions engineered to effectively absorb the tension emerged by the molecular movements and hence, we help in maintaining the sturdy appearance of your structures with the help of premium, high tensile seals & tapes desinged to withstand any form of movement, wear and tear.

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